Study Marketing Reimagined

We use data-driven marketing strategies to fill studies for research sites.

Patients are people that want to be treated as such. No amount of marketing tech-gadgetry will convince a person that you care about them as much as picking up the phone, or responding to a text within minutes. When it comes to something as sensitive as a person’s health, ATP believes the patient journey should begin and end with you – the research site. We simply roll with the punches and evolve our advertising strategy with the market. You do what you do best. And we’ll do the same.

Exactly what subjects need. Only what clients want.

“Our experience with ATP was outstanding. Their expertise and dedication significantly boosted our enrollment rates. The personalized approach and understanding of our target demographic were unparalleled. We are extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend their services.”

James Mahon, Pharma D, Clinical Director, Juniper Research, MD

Our Strategic Synopsis: How We Differentiate

Honest. Compelling.

Our ad copy gets to the point and speaks to people with empathy. We've found that kindness converts.

Tech where it matters.

Fast servers and coherent design leads to easy engagement and a smooth user experience.

Time as a KPI.

We get campaigns rolling and audiences segmented within 24-48 hours.

Evolved targeting and creativity equals engagement.

It is critically important that we are transparent to both ends of our user’s experience. We minimize friction and truncate our messages to ensure understanding, at the same time communicating the benefits of our featured clinical trials. We respect the time and intelligence of our viewers, and that is rewarded in the long run.

“We'll never try to justify our worth to our clients. They'll see the value in our approach and appreciate NOT getting bogged down in the minutia some companies use to inflate prices.”

Damian HanleyLead Designer & Strategist

The range of indications we specialize in...

Let Atlantic do the heavy lifting.

Conducting a successful Clinical Trial is a human effort. Patients have doubts. They need encouragement. And as trial sponsors and marketers, we have the responsibility to be transparent and honest about the nature of those trials. At Atlantic Trial Partners, we start from there and work backwards. Everything in our efforts to connect patients with research sites is embedded in that philosophy.